Uups, once there was a mobile phone!

Date: 17/06/2017
From/To: Fáskrúðsfjörður – Egilsstadir
Distance: 168Km
Total Distance: 4381Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny, Windy
Road: Sealed

The morning was beautiful. When we looked out of our bedroom window, we could see the top of the mountain, and the sun was shining. We had breakfast inside our room, since Sigrid did feel awkward to use the restaurant again while not paying for their buffet breakfast. After we finished, we packed up and set off to Eglisstadir..

From here we planned to visit the Litlanesfoss, Fardagafoss waterfall and the Hydroelectric power plant. The first stop was the water falls, they were close by.

It took a while to get there from the carpark to LItlanesfoss.

The first Waterfall (Litlanesfoss) had plenty of hexagonal basalt columns. It can be seen a bit better with a closer picture.

Walking further up we arrived at the second waterfall, the Lagarfoss. The surroundings were rocky but the waterfall had red layers.

After taking some pictures we started our way back to the carpark. Here we had a short lunch and continued to the Hydroelectric power station. On the way we had to drive up a mountain range. The view from here was fantastic, but it was very windy and the clouds at the horizon didn’t look promising.

So after riding for a while we stopped to put our raingear on. At this moment Sigrid realised that she has lost here mobile phone. So Peter and Gerlind decided without hesitation to help us searching for the phone. We drove/ride the same way back, but couldn’t locate the phone. Using the tracking software on the phone didn’t give us any clues, and it was reporting always that the device was switched off. So Sigrid cancelled all cards using my phone and we returned to the guest house that we had booked yesterday. We let the tourist bureau and the police know that the phone including credit cards was lost. So we decided to wait for a couple of days before we cancelled them all together.

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