About us

Well, there’s really not much to say about us. We are a “normal” German couple, we have 2 “kids” (30 and 29) and we are married for 31 years.

19 year ago we moved to Australia and we realized that the world has more to offer then just work. Currently we saving money to bring our dream to life.

Ahh, I nearly forgot,  we both started motorbike riding in Australia and joined the Ulysses club. Joining the Ulysses Club was, in my opinion, one of the best things that we ever did (sorry guys and girls under 40!).

During the numerous AGMs that we attended, we stumbled across a company (Ferris Wheels) that  offered a guided motorbike tour to the highest motorable road in the world , Khardung La in India. We thought this would be the right adventure for our 25th wedding anniversary. But, as things turned out we didn’t make it for our 25th wedding anniversary. When we got the promotional DVD for this trip we decided that we could spend our money on better things than killing ourselves. So we didn’t do any special adventure  on our wedding anniversary and the year went by.

At Christmas we got a DVD from a friend about a motorbike adventure (Long way round), and after seeing Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman struggling in Mongolia, we thought we surely could do a guided tour through India. I mean, by comparison, how bad could it be, really?
We booked the trip a couple of days later.

Why tell you this?

Well, it was the beginning of a live changing experience. Coming back from India we had a different perspective on life. We both changed jobs within a couple of month and have been a bit restless ever since.

So when my 50th birthday arrived, a friend of my put an idea in my head……. the Pan American Highway.