Meeting with Peter and Gerlind

Date: 16/06/2017
From/To: Egilsstadir – Fáskrúðsfjörður
Distance: 110Km
Total Distance: 4329Km
Weather: Cold, Foggy, Rainy
Road: Sealed, Dirt Road

We packed up and took our time to get started, since we hadn’t ride very far today. it was not very far. So we stopped not far from Egilsstadir to take a couple of pictures from a  water fall and to have some lunch. During the break the sun tried to break through the cloud cover. I think that was the last attempt for the day, then she gave up J.

We did arrive at the guest house around two PM. All the doors were closed, but there was a phone number with some Icelandic text on the door, so we called. It turned out that our host would be back around four PM, so we had two hour s to spare.

So we decided to try some dirt road, leading around the peninsula. The road was not too bad for a second grade dirt road. Most of the road was nicely compacted, only some patches were filled with deeper gravel. After two hours we stopped at a petrol station close to our guest house and had a coffee when Peter and Gerlind passed by.

They stopped we had a short chat and continued to our accommodation. The host was very friendly and we could use his restaurant to have our dinner. Gerlind and Peter introduced us to some special prepared salmon that became our main dish. After dinner we had a look at the map and decided to have a look around Egilsstadir, there is a water fall and a hydro power station. So we booked an accommodation in Egilsstadir via Airbnb, which made it affordable.

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