Waterfalls and Geysers

Date: 18/06/2017
From/To: Egilsstadir – Akureyri
Distance: 314 Km
Total Distance: 4695Km
Weather: Cold, Raining, Windy
Road: Sealed

After a leisurely start we stop first waterfall, we think it generated from the Jökulsá river, but we couldn’t find the name. We walked up to take a closer look and a couple of pictures

When we went through landscape looking like Mars, we stopped and got our raingear on, just in time! The wind was strong and rain started to come in.

We then continued to Dettifoss, the largest waterfall in Europa, unfortunately it was raining, a lot while we were there.

The second waterfall, just behind Dettifoss is, Selfoss.

Selfoss looked for me more interesting and on the top of the cliff we found black sand, which looked awesome.

When we were riding to Akureyri we stumbled across some Geysers. They were just on the side of the road.

Some of the vents did sound like a steam train, constantly whistling like it would explode every second. Peter and Gerlind were brave enough to get a picture taken in front of one of the vents.

We booked a nice accommodation on the opposite fjord side of Ajureyri. When we tried to find it in the evening, we got a bit lost and it took us a while before we found it. The house was really nice and the view from there was stunning.

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