The mobile returns and More Puffins!

Date: 04 – 06/07/2017
From/To: Stafafell Campground – Eskifjorður.
Distance: 155 Km
Total Distance: 6571Km
Weather: Cold, Sunny
Road: Paved

We had a great sleep and got woken up through sunshine. We opened the tent and had this view. Life can be hard J

We took it easy, since we had an easy day in front of us.

After breakfast I started to have a look at my tools and fixed a broken connector on my heated jacket. When I unpacked the tool box, I found the missing Australian flag J We were thinking of putting it on our tent during the HU meeting, but we thought we left it with Klaus.

We packed up and road along the cost.-Beautiful sunshine and great views.

In the next town we filled the bikes up and found the funny round huts. It’s hard to see on the picture, but the huts on the pictur on the left hand side are for humans. The huts in the right picture are for feries J

Since we had time to spend before we could get into our next accomodation (from 17:00 onwards), we visited one of the many hot pools in Iceland. This pool was not easy to find. First we had to cross a school yard, to find a sign on in the left corner, this was the entrance door to the pool. Unfortunatelly it was prohibited to take pictures inside. The pool was heated and they had a hot and ice cold tab. We used them all J

After an hour or so we continued to our next accommodation. It was a great place, the owner was renting out rooms, and we could use the kitchen and living area without any problems. We talked for a while to a Canadian couple, two American girls and to our Norwegian host. The host mentioned as well that we could see puffins close by, ~80km from Eglisstadir.

In the morning we had lots of fog, but our host ensured us that it would be gone by lunch time. And so it did.

We continued to the tourist office in Eglisstadir, where we picked up Sigrid mobile phone -found by the true champ bicycle riders Daniel and Ben- and Gerlind pillow -found and dropped off kindly by the Hotel Owner of the Hotel Bjarg, in Fáskrúðsfjörður. Sigrid phone was still working, you can see that it took some beating, but the cover saved the fundamental parts.

From here we continued to see the Puffins. We did know that there was some gravel roads involved, but we knew these types of roads were no problem in Iceland. These roads were a bit different, we had plenty of fog on the mountain passes and as well loose gravel in the corners.


Was it worth it? Well, have a look at the pictures below. Puffins really close bye, you could nearly touch them


Then we had to go back. The fog was still there, the picture on the right shows a lake in front and at the back there are clouds.

The final destination was the fjord where we would leave with the ferry tomorrow- Seydsfjordur. We took the same pass as we did 27 days ago,when we arrived in Iceland.

This time the sun was shining! The same place -the picture on the left when we arrived and on the right, at the end of our Iceland trip.

This time we had a view.

Today was the last day on Iceland, tomorrow we hop onto the ferry and visit the Faroe Islands.

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