A long day with lots to see

Date: 03/07/2017
From/To: Stora Moerk – Stafafell Campground
Distance: 362 Km
Total Distance: 6416 Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny
Road: Paved, Gravel

Today we started early. We packed up and stopped not far from our accommodation to take some pictures of the Seljalandsfoss. We briefly stopped and I took some pictures. That was the moment when Sigrid realised she had lost MY phone. This time, we kept the nerves and took a picture J

So we turned around and I rushed back on the gravel road to our accommodation. Sigrid was waiting at the main street. When I arrived at the accommodation, I didn’t find the phone. I ask the keeper if they had found a phone, they didn’t. At this moment a car passed by and the lady climbed out the car and ask if somebody has lost a phone, she found it in the middle of the road. As it turned out, I used the phone and packed it on Sigrid’s pannier, and on the first turn it fall off. Lucky we had my phone back, so we could continue. We have to think of something how we deal with our phones, otherwise it can get pretty expensiveJ. Sigrid was waiting at the T junction and was more than happy that we had the phone back.

We continued until a place we saw yesterday. The was a shed build into the mountain, using a small cave as a base. Apparently there are plenty of those around, not too many were visible from the road.


Next stop was…… a water fall, the Skogafoss. The bottom of the water fall was quite nice. Here we had the option to climb to the top, which we did.

Climbing up all the stairs and then looking at the top of the waterfall was pretty unimpressive. It was just a river which abruptly ended. Well, I don’t know what I expected, but after all these stairs I expected something exciting. The view was quite nice.


After we made it down again we continued and stopped for lunch at a beautiful car park. It was a bit remote but had a beautiful view at the glaciers.

Next stop was a lake with drift ice, straight from a glacier.

We tried to get a picture where our arms create a heard shape. After a couple of attempts (on the left), a women took petty and choreographed us (picture on the right).

Below are just some pictures of the ice. The right picture looks like a crocodile head.

And the blue glacier ice was just stunning.


Anyway, after all these stops we were quite late to find the campground. To make things worth, we followed a gravel road which was partially washed away. At the end we turned around and tried the next main road turn off, and here it was. We could get to the campground over a nice easy dirt road. Unfortunatelly, the camp ground had no water, somehow the mains was turned off. So we had a look at other accomodation around, but so late everything was closed up or they were booked out. So we decied, no water would be good enough. They had some milk cans with water on the toilet, so it was in fact not completely without water. So we fell exhausted in the tent and had a great sleep.

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