Faroe Islands

Date: 07-09/07/2017
From/To: Thorshavn
Distance: 265 Km
Total Distance: 6681Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny
Road: Paved

In the morning we queued up to get onto the ferry. The weather was exactly when we arrived. Cold and foggy, just miserable.

So we borded the ferry in the morning and arrived in Faroe Island at 2AM, lucky that we had booked accomodation via airbnb in Thorshavn. When we left the ferry , we meet a biycile rider from Western Australia. He was travelling in Iceland before and will now have a look at the Faroe Islands.

When we arrived in the morning, the accomodation was really walking distance from the ferry terminal. So we parked the bikes and went into our accomodation. The host did know that we arrive in the middle of the night and left the key in the door. All worked fine and we had a good sleep. In the morning we tried to find out why our phones were not working, we had some Iceland phone cards which should work all over Europa. After talking to the servant in the local Vodafone shop and making multiple phone calls to the Icelandic Vodafone, it turned out that ‘Faroe Island’ is not part of the EU. So we changed the type of account and everything worked again.

We had a nice walk around Thorshavn. On our way to Iceland, we stopped here and I could see the light house. This time we visited from Land. The light house is located in an old fortress which still had the cannons.

We found some sculptures, looks like people returning from Shopping J

When we passed the habour, we saw some women training for the race on the weekend. What I really liked is they just took their child onto the training session.

On the next day we had another stroll and visited a church we could see from a distance.

On our way we found some nice old buildings and some houses with green roofs.

Then we turned around the corner, and here it was, an Irish pub. So we decided to find out if the Guiness in Faroe Island taste the same as in Australia, well, I think it is a bit more watery.

After we left the pub, the houses had a funny shape J


And the pedestrian path looked rather small. Well, we were actually in the old city, which had really old houses. As you can see, the streets and the houses are quite well preserved.

This was our last day. Today we will board the ferry at 23:00. So we decided to ride to the most north east and most western point of the faroe islands which are reachable without a ferry. Some islands are connected via a bridge, other through tunels and some of them only through a ferry service.

The most north east point was an old church in Vidareidi. Except the church there was not too much to see, just a small village. We had some fog and it started to rain again.

On our way to the west side, we passed a huge church. So we had a look at this as well.

The surprising bit was that a boat was hanging from the ceiling.

And here is a method to oil the chain on the bikes. We just hooked the onto a fishing hook J

After a tunnel with colourfull lights (couldn’t stop to take a picture) we arrived the most western point. It is hard to get the dimension right. The small black dot is ta tunnel exit, and the road down is pretty steep.

Anyway, here we meet Andrew, the Western Australian bicycle rider again. He has done the last steep bit of the road from the last town, including tunnel, which was quite impressive.

We talked for a bit and then returned to Thorshavn. On our way we came across some nice rock formation and a nice church.

Not long after we arrived in Thorshavn the ferry pulled in.

So we boarded around 23:30 and had a beautiful moon rise J

In two day we will be back in Denmark and dash down to Copenhagen to meet with Niklas.

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