Meeting with Niklas

Date: 03/07/2017
From/To: Thorshavn to Kopenhagen
Distance: 483 Km
Total Distance: 6899 Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny
Road: Paved

On the ferry we had a beautiful sunset.

And in the morning we got ready for departure.

The reason why we visited Niklas was: He had picked up some paper work for me (German Visa), which is required if I like to stay for more than 3 month in Europa. This paper was send to Klaus, who gave it to Gerlind and Peter, who gave it to Niklas in Zürich, where Niklas had his bachelor graduation -long story… Niklas recommended that we take the ferry, however when we arrived we found out that the ferry wouldn’t leave before the next two hours. So we walked across the ‘Havnen Perle’, which is apparently a famous dinner. I ordered some beacon and egg and Sigrid a sort of fish burger. Both meals were huge and yummy.

The ferry transfer was nice, we went through rain front but when we arrived it was over. We found Niklas accommodation without any problem, took us only a while to find the right door J. Niklas did prepare a lasagne for us, which tasted great. The lasagne with some red was marvellous. We talked for a while before we hopped into Niklas bed, which he kindly freed up for us! He moved into the room of a friend for the night, what a champ!.

In the morning I realised that I could remotly control my camera, so we gave it a try, it worked J

We packed up and left for…. no not Norway, we left for Ruegen, Germany!.

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