Back for a holiday in Rügen

Date: 012 – 15/07/2017
From/To: Copenhagen – Rügen
Distance: 93 Km
Total Distance: 6509 Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny
Road: Paved

After a nice breakfast we left Niklas and went over the impressive Őresund Bridge to Trelleborg, where we boarded the ferry.

The ferry was quite luxerious, we even had power points and free Wifi J. Just before we arrived the sun was setting, the sky with the clouds looked great.

Gabi and Matias picked us up and showed us the way. They had rentet a house and there was one free room earmarked for us! We could not resist..:-).

Next morning we had breakfast and then around 9AM we went to pick up fresh bread. There are a couple of boxes based on an honor system., you take something out and put the money into the box.

With the fresh bread in the trunk, we started our site seening tour. Gabi and Matias had a couple of things in mind. First we stoped at a sort of house boat, which was really a caffee/restaurante where they were selling as well fresh fish. On our way from the carpark to the boat we found a very intreging sign, be aware of “Otter” for the next 1km.

We had a yummy fish breadroll before we continued. The next stop is a nice beach with ‘Strandkörbe’. I’m not sure but I never realised that the ‘Strandkörbe’ are a great invention. You can sit or lay down, have shade or not and you can lock your belongings in a locker under the sea when you have a swim. Anyway, we had a short stroll and some discussion with a local about a possible parking fine if we park in this area. Since we had a very brief visit, we took the risk J

Form here we went to an öco shop on a farm, which sold all kind of products, from bread, nudels and locally produced marmelade

The company logo were gummy boots hanging upside down.

After buying all that food we got hangry, so the next stop was a coffee with a marvellous view. We could watch the ferries passing by a.

The next planned stop was a restaurante, unfortunatelly theye were closed, but when we had a look around I found the nice motor boat, it looked like one of the Stoertebecker boats.

Ok, Gabi did book dinner on a restaurant, overlooking the stage of the ‘Stoertebecker Festspiele’. The location looked expensive, but to our surprise it was quite ok.

Just a sculpture in the entrance area.

Here we celebrated a nice day. In the middle is the Stoertebecker stage, it’s not good visible at this picture.

Here I sumed in, you can see all the people seated ant the stage.

Even more zoom, the setup had as well horses and ships

At the end of the performance there was even a fire work, that we could visit from our table. What a great location.

Gabi and Matias had planned to visit “Hiddensee”, a small Isalnd west of Ruegen. We hopped on a ferry and after an hour we arrived on Hiddensee.

By accident we stumbled across a fishery museum, which had plenty of information how the fisherman were living in this area 100 years ago. Each family had a runen, which was used to determine who had to get out to check if the traps are ok.

From here we walked through an area which was a mixture out of ‘Lüneburger Heide’ and Beach.

When we continued we came across the summer house of Asta Nielsen, a famous German movie star. The house had a unique structure with a round corner on one side. In the house was some documentation about Asta Nielsen life as well as the architect who designed the house.

At the end of our walk we ended up at the harbour, where we hopped on the ferry to get back. Today we planned a BBQ for dinner, so we borrowed the BBQ from the host. The meat from a local butcher was great!

Next morning I heard a strange noise and had a look at the roof, and here they were, two storks ‘Störche’. I haven’t seen them that close.

Today we planned to have a round trip with a steam train, the ‘Rasender Roland’ and then return with a ship.

On the way we came across a strainge houst. Looks like the builder had the plan upside down J.

Next we went to the train station an waited for the steam train. The train has a smaller gauge then the modern trains, so they added an additional rail, so both trains could use the same track. The sun was shining, so we decided to sit in an open carriage.

After the train we walked to the habour, where the ship was waiting.

We found a viking boat there, not sure what the importance of it is, but it looked nice. On the other side, there was a ‘Rowing Ferry’, a guy who rowed the boat from one sie to the other and took some people.

Below is just a house that looked quite iteresting.

During our cruse, we found a small Island with a building on it in the middle of the lake. This was apparently used to de-magnetise ships, but it’s not in use anymore.

After a quick catch up with Reni and her friend Margret in her Feriendomizil Speranza

we followed an invitation of our host for a BBQ. What a delicious BBQ and interesting evening! We talked to the middle of the night.

Tomorrow we would leave Ruegen and would travel to Schweden.

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