Welcome to Iceland

Date: 15/06/2017
From/To: Seydsfjordur – Egilsstadir
Distance: 26.8Km
Total Distance: 4219Km
Weather: Cold, Foggy, Rainy
Road: Sealed Road

When we arrived in the morning in Iceland, the motorcycle were the last to go. We were not sad about it, since the weather was, let’s say, average. It was +5degres, drizzling and foggy. The GPS didn’t work either as expected, so we were flying blind. Having said this, there was only one road leaving Seydisfjodur, which made it easier. The road was a mountain pass. I believe the landscape would have been stunning, if we would have been able to see it. The visibility was 20…30m. We stopped at a view point at the top of the mountain; well I still could see Sigrid, that was it.

Coming down the mountain improved our mood a lot. We could see a village and a lake. Without any map we opted for the next village to fill up our bikes and have a look for accommodation to fix the GPS problem. After the first wrong turn and then talking to a post man, we found the petrol station where we filled up the bikes.

It was raining again and quite windy, so we thought we have a look for a hard accommodation instead of camping. We looked at a three star hotel, the price for a standard room for 2 people one night was 350AUD (235Euro) Ouch!. These seem to be a normal price. At the end we found a guest house that had a room with shared bathroom for 100Euro, this was our cheapest but quite nice option.


After fixing the GPS by applying the island only image I had a look at Google maps where we would meet with Peter and Gerlind tomorrow.

Our next adventure was going shopping for dinner. The food was as well expensive. We discussed the exorbitant prices with our host.. He mentioned that the prices increased dramatically in the last year which would explain why it was so much more expensive than we anticipated. The income for Icelanders increased accordingly, so that it doesn’t seem to be too expensive for Icelanders to go shopping or dine in a restaurant (main meal ~60Euro/person). Anyway, in the evening the weather became better, no rain and the wind died down, conciliating us with our wet arrival here.

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