The Ferry Crossing Direction Iceland

Date: 13-16/06/2017
From/To: Hirtshals – Seydsfjordur
Distance: —
Total Distance:
Road: Ferry

The accommodation was close to the harbour, so there was no rush. When we arrived at the ferry, the sun was shining. The motorcycles were loaded first.









I hadn’t tied down the bikes for a while, so it took a bit before I was finished. We booked the ferry a bit late, so on this trip to Iceland there was no cabin left, only bunk beds. So we went to the room and settled in. The room had 12 bunk beds in a tiny space, but there were only 9 used. The top three were empty, so we could use it to store our stuff. The sea was calm and we had a very pleasant day.

The next day we arrived in the Faroe Islands, lucky we didn’t miss them since it was really foggy. Here is a view onto the old city. I found the grass roofs interesting.

There was as well a picturest light house.

From Faroe Island it was only a couple of hours before we arrived in Iceland. Hopefully the weather would be better.

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