Collecting hot springs

Date: 17/08
City: Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 132
Cumulative kilometre: 57726
Street: Single lane paved
Weather: Cloudy, sunny, warm

In the morning we had a look and again found some people interested in our bikes. And again, most of them would only pay via Paypal, which got really annoying. There were a couple of other legitimate offers, but they were all on the way down in San Francisco. So plan B was to go two up to San Fran and pass through the towns to show the bikes. If somebody buys the second bike, we will then try to get to a larger airport to fly to N.Y and then to Germany. Unfortunately, that would mean that we can’t visit Key West, Florida. After all the emailing mail was done, we packed up and started around 11AM, on a Saturday. You can imagine the queue for the ferry, it was really long. We passed all cars and went to the front as they said on the ferry web page, keeping a watchful eye on all the car driver to ensure that nobody was pissed off and tried to shoot us J.
A guy at the front told us how to get to the booth where we purchased the tickets. Back to the both, we got told to use the left lane to get onto the boat. We went on, another car followed and then the ferry left. I like the VIP treatment for bikes as well as the price, it was 7$/bike.

Once we were off the ferry we followed the way to the hot springs, looking at an amazing landscape, even though it was cloudy.

When we arrived at the hotspring we organize a spot on the campground and pitched our tent.

We decided to skip the hot spring for today, since the fee was only for a day, which left us with only two hours of usage today. So we organized some wood and cooked dinner on a bonfire.

Date: 18/08
City: Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 57726
Street: N/A
Weather: Cloudy, rain, Sunny, warm

After breakfast we walked to the hot spring and soaked there for a couple of hours. In the afternoon we decided to walk to the waterfall nearby.

We thougth finishing the walk entitled us to another dip in the hotspring. There we organizing some more wood at the same time.

It was surprisingly full at night, but there was still enough space to soak. At night we again cooked  dinner on the bonfire, I really enjoy this type of cooking.

The sky looked clear and we were hoping that it doesn’t rain so we can pack the tent away dry tomorrow.

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