Bikeless in Seattle

Date: 19/08
City: Seattle, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 143
Cumulative kilometre: 57868
Street: N/A
Weather: Sunny, warm

We were lucky and there was no rain in the morning. Nevertheless, the inner tent was still wet, so we packed it up but we’ll have to dry it again later on.

Since everybody was talking about the Hurricane ridge, we decided to have a look at it. The road to the visitor canter was fantastic, nice curves with a breathtaking landscape around.

And here are some pictures of the trail.

On our way back we stopped at McDonalds, to use the free Wifi to send Joel a mail that we will arrived pretty late today. So we continued to travel close to the place where we would meet with Joel. In the hotel we received a mail from Joel that we shouldn’t stress and we could meet up tomorrow instead. Ok, that gives us a bit time to clean the bikes again..

Date: 20/08
City: Seattle, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 6
Cumulative kilometre: 57874
Street: N/A
Weather: Sunny, warm

In the morning some fire brigades stopped at our motel, it turned out that one of the occupants fell sick.

We also received a mail from James, who was interested in both bikes in the first place and noticed our price drop on Craigslist and was keen to have a test ride with Sigrid’s bike. In the beginning he didn’t want the luggage, but after the test ride he wanted to keep it as well. So we agreed on a price and we decided to meet with Joel and James in the same restaurant to finalise the deals and do the paper work.

Which also meant emptying Sigrid’s bike for us, and to start packing stuff which we would like to send home. Around 4PM we said good bye to our noble steeds and hoped on for the last ride.

So we meet Joel and James in the restaurant, did the paper work, got the money and handed over the keys.

We dropped my bike off at Joel’s place, and when we said good bye he mentioned that it would be his 60th birthday tomorrow. So we congratulated him before James and his friend dropped us off at the hotel.


What a day, now we are ‘Bikeless in Seattle’!

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