We nearly left for San Francisco

Date: 16/08
City: Edmonds, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 74
Cumulative kilometre: 57594
Street: Single lane paved
Weather: Sunny, warm

Today was the day; we would leave Seattle and start moving towards San Francisco. Gaila had an appointment with a friend of hers for a ride, so she got ready, we said goodbye to our generous host and off she went.

We finished packing our bikes and just before Sigrid closed the laptop, we got a mail that somebody was interested in one of our bikes. We sent him the requested details (VIN and registration) and after a while he came back and said he would like to have a look at the bikes around 4PM. So we decided to stay in Seattle and waited until 4 to meet with him. We tried to be on time at the meeting point, but the traffic during the rush hour in Seattle is, let’s say, very relaxed. Not too much movement at all…J.

Which brings me to another point, why is it called it rush hour when nobody is moving? Ok, so I digress.
We called Joel and told him that we on our way but stuck in a traffic jam and that we would be there 20 minutes or so. When we finally arrived, Joel took both bikes for a test ride and it turned out that he liked my bike better J and he would like to take it, inclusive of the H&B luggage. Sigrid and I decided on the spot that we would stay in this area, have a look at the Olympic peninsula over the weekend, get the bike ready and call to make a time that suits both sides. We talked a lot about our trip, the bikes and the setup, so that we left a bit late. The fastest way to the Olympic peninsula was with a ferry, but when we arrived there is started to get dark so we decided to stay here overnight and take the ferry tomorrow morning.

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