Wrapping up in Seattle

Date: 21/08
City: Seattle, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 2
Cumulative kilometre: 57876
Street: N/A
Weather: Sunny, warm

Today was the first day in a long time that we looked out of the window and there we no bikes anymore. All gone, done and dusted. Since we sold them in a relative short time, we had a couple of days to spare before we would say good bye to Stephen and his family and the American Continent. But first we had to organize some packing material to send our things back that we didn’t need anymore, like all the tent and camping equipment. Since the plan was to ride Hugos Bike in Europe, we still needed everything bike related except the spare parts and the mechanical tools. Below we finally found a shop which sold packing material and cheap suitcase type of bags.

After organizing the pickup for tomorrow morning we organized a meeting with Joel at a Mexican restaurant close to us. As we found out it was a special birthday yesterday, we organised a birthday cake – that is to say a muffin with candles. When the waiter found out that it was Joel’s birthday he came back with a Mexican hat and some sort of liqueur and all the personnel sang happy birthday in Spanish. It was a lovely evening.


Date: 22/08
City: Seattle, Washington
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 57876
Street: N/A
Weather: Cloudy, sunny, warm

Today was the day where we would send our stuff home so we’d be ready to fly to Florida. The pickup truck arrived earlier than booked, so we had to send him back because we were not ready. Finally, when all was packed and ready to get picked up, the truck arrived again.

The pickup went without a hitch, off goes our stuff. See you back in Adelaide!

Now the flight to Florida was booked, and we were ready to pack the rest of our things. The new travel bag was huge and so was the weight. As there were no scales in the hotel, all the shuffling around was done by picking up the bag and saying a number between 20kg and 35kg 😀
We were really happy that the new bags had wheels, otherwise it would be hard to carry them on public transport tomorrow morning. In the evening we used Google maps to find the way to the airport via public transport and the suggested start time was 5:15AM… Well it’ll be an early start.




  1. Hi Guys
    amazing trip, amazing blog. Well done! Hope you are having fun in Europe. See you in 1 month back home. Love

    Margaret and Andrew

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