Dr. Montezuma orders rest

Date: 24/10
City: Rosario, Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 70
Cumulative kilometre: 23510

In the middle of the night on the ferry it started, and the toilet was mine for the rest of the evening. Did I mentioned that there was no cabin left with a toilet in the room so we booked one without? >:/
According to our clocks we arrived one hour earlier, but we found out that there was a time change on the mainland. So we were just in time. Mazatlan looked nice from the boat, but it was warm and humid.

When we got our call (I only understood ‘motos’) over the PA we went down to the bikes, undid our entire crafty tie down, and off we went.

We must have problem with harbors though. First we didn’t find our way into the Habour in La Paz, and this time we couldn’t get out. Just follow the fence until you find a hole or some military guy with guns looking at you strangely.
Anyway, I was just happy to have my life and to get going ~ the air condition on our bikes only works when we are moving. 😉
The temperature was around 30 degree and humidity around 80% – just looked it up.  So we decided to take a toll road and try to get to Tepic which is 280 Km away. After 50km we pulled the plug; turned off the highway and got into a hotel with air-condition in Rosario. That was it for me, I slept the rest of the day in a nice cool room and Sigrid had to do all the work, parking, securing and unpacking the bikes.

Date: 25/10
City: Rosario, Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 0
Cumulative kilometre: 23510

I felt good in the morning, Sigrid didn’t.  Sigrid got a milder version of what I had, so we both slept nearly the whole day. In the afternoon we felt that we should move a bit so we decided to visit the church with the golden altar and have a look if we could find a super market to get some bananas and some Saladitas (salt cockies) and Gatorade (Ionised drink). That was our staple diet for the day.

When we left the church I found a bicycle secured with the church bell ropes 🙂  No batteries needed.

So we went home and had ‘lunch’. Just before sunset we parked our bikes in the motel hallway. I like to park the bikes there 🙂

Here is a picture of the sunset.

Tomorrow we will try to start a bit earlier, since it gets very warm later in the day.

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