Tequila, the town :-)

Date: 26/10
City: Tequila, Mexico
Kilometres ridden: 394
Cumulative kilometre: 23904

We managed to get up early; I guess sleeping the whole day and not watching TV helps with that πŸ˜‰
So by 8:15AM we were on our way. The morning was foggy and our glasses started to fog up as well.

The fog slowly disseminated and we had clear sky an hour later. We stopped for a break close to Tepic. It was just 11:30 and we had two teas hoping not to upset our stomachs. Looking around, we were definitely in a rain forest area, everything was lush and green.

While we were sipping on our tea we watched three kids trying to open some nuts with a stone, that was fun.

A bit later we drove through an area that looked completely overgrown. You couldn’t really make out any trees any more, just the shape of them covered with some sort of creepy crawler. You could imagine that whole building would be swallowed in no time, so I made sure that Sigrid kept moving, otherwise……

Tepic was our tentative goal for the day, but it was too early and we both felt good, so we decided to go to Tequila. It was a nice ride especially when all of the sudden the road was leading through an old lava river. You can see the lava on both sides of the road.

Then we arrived in Tequila. This time it took us some time to find a hotel. I inquired at 5 hotels, partially in English, partially with a Spanish phrasebook and partially with Google translate. None of the hotels had air conditioning for a single room. In the end we settled for the one where it was easy to park the bikes. So we unpacked and Sigrid had a shower. The bathroom was higher than the bed room and all of the sudden water started to run from the bathroom into the bedroom.

It turned out that a rubber plug was put on top of the drain to avoid some odours entering the room and we had to remove the plug before starting to shower. Great, nobody told us, but now we know. πŸ˜€

After dinner we had a stroll in the city center, but unfortunately I didn’t take my camera. It was party time on the road and on the main square. A band was playing and people were sitting there and listening to it. It was a very pleasant atmosphere; I guess as soon you have families with kids around it seems to feel safe to me. On our way back we made a brief stop at a Tequila bar – when in Tequila – taste the Tequila and eat some Quesadilla (cheese tortilla). The atmosphere in the bar was nice, and it was interesting to observe the different characters there. After we went home we realised that we didn’t have a picture to show that we had tequila in Tequila, which was just not right. So we grabbed the camera, went back to the tequila bar and had 1/2 tequila each, just for the picture. πŸ™‚
The owner was amused, either about us coming back or trying to explain that we would like to have half each and if she could take the picture. She put the two bottles on our table just for taking the picture… πŸ˜€

And after taking the picture, she went away and came back with 2 samples of a better tequila, hmm, that didn’t taste bad.

So went home with our pictures as trophies. Hard work to get them, but, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. πŸ˜€

Tomorrow we will visit the Tequila museum and ride to Guadalajara, which is just 70km away.

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  1. Too much fun! Yes, you made a good decision to go back for more tastings and the pictures. I am going to look on a map to see where you guys are. We are in Quanajuata for perhaps a week as we chill and volunteer some time for the DoGoodAsYouGo.com people.

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