Chief Joseph Highway

Date: 16/09
City: Cooke City, Montana
Miles ridden: 82
Cumulative miles: 13430

It was Vals birthday today. We just organized some sort of cake -a metal cookie box – and put candles on it. We sang happy birthday to Val, what a disturbing to start a new year 🙂

Before we settled our noble steeds, I cleaned our bikes, just to ensure that Val and Wombat would still ride with us 😉

It was a bit cloudy today, so we couldn’t see the Chief Joseph highway in all its glory, but it was impressive enough for me and it was fun to ride.


We had a short stop on a bridge which was going over a step cliff. We found the sign at the beginning of the bridge, not sure what else is prohibited, maybe camping?

That was the view from the bridge and to have a reference, there is Wombat taking pictures on the other side -the white dude- on the top middle of the third photo.

After we arrived in Cooke City, we had a look for dinner. The whole City only had one main road, so not too many choices. In the end we found a great pub with good food and a beautiful view. Here we celebrated Val’s birthday again, and after singing in the pub, the bartender offered Val a free drink (I guess to shut us up 😛), and as you can see, Wombat got horny

Tomorrow we will ride the Beartooth Path, twice. Apparently it’s one of the best motorcycle rides in the USA, so I’ll keep my camera charged.


  1. Was Val blowing out candles in the top photo or throwing up because brian had his shirt off?!!! LOL Ha, ha, ha, ha, aahhh funny…..

  2. I think that you make a big effort,to buy a cake and candles to vals birthday. Happy birthday from me too. Nice schot in the pub with horny Wombat,heehee

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