Beartooth Highway

Date: 17/09
City: Cooke City, Montana
Miles ridden: 104
Cumulative miles: 13616

The morning was a bit crisp; we had a bit of ice on our cover. I think we should really start to move south. The scenery was stunning, just a couple of pictures.

We kept climbing and the landscape became sparse. It had rainded yesterday and at this altitude we could see some snow on the mountains and at the side of the road and Sigrid couldn’t resist making a snowball and throwing it 🙂

At one stop we saw a herd of Mountain goats passing.

We kept climbing and finally got to the highest point, the view was great.

And then there was the way down.

We took every opportunity to stop and have a look around, that meant that it took us four hours for 60 miles, I guess it’s holiday speed. After a short meal at Red Lodge we turned around and went home, this time we had to hurry a bit since we didn’t want to ride in the dark.

So we stopped only occasionally to take some pictures and made it home before sunset.

Tomorrow we will ride through Yellowstone NP, the Grand Teton NP to Jackson.






  1. Absolutely stunning, you are having such an experience. It’s getting warmer here so enjoy the refreshing cold while you can.

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