Buffalo Bill Museum

Date: 13/09
City: Cody,Wyoming
Miles ridden: 102
Cumulative miles: 13430

We waited for the sun to rise before we got up, it was freezing cold (must be below 0C). After breakfast Val and I performed the synchronized Sun Warm dance, well the results are debatable but it was fun.

The facilities provided were quite nice, with the toilet block and the enclosed dishwashing room which should ensure that bears don’t get attracted by the smell of scraps and dishwashing detergent.

So we slowly packed our stuff, some with more force than others 😛

We left around 12:00 and only had to ride a bit more than 100 miles, so no rush. But just before we left, Val saw our only bear in Yellowstone, and it was close to our tents.

We had a short stop at a house that had a stack of antlers in front of it, apparently the Reindeer loose them at the end of the year, so you just have to pick them up.

We arrived in Cody around 16:00, just enough time to settle into our room, drop Wombat’s and Val’s bike at the workshop for maintenance and go back to the city to see some actors performing a shootout in front of the Irma Motel. Irma was one of Buffalo Bills daughters. The performance was funny and noisy, since they used real blanks for the shootout.

Sigrid got a photo shot with the actors.


Date: 14/09
City: Cody, Wyoming
Miles ridden: 0
Cumulative miles: 13430

Not much happen on this day except that we caught up with our blog. In the evening we picked Wombat’s and Val’s bike up and guess what, the workshop cleaned their bikes, they looked like new. We should see if we can get this done on our next maintenance as well 😉

Date: 15/09
City: Cody, Wyoming
Miles ridden: 0
Cumulative miles: 13430

We decided to stay a day longer and have a look at the Buffalo Bill Historical Centre; apparently it hosts five different exhibitions.

Lucky that we attended a guided tour, the guide did have some samples of Native American tools. We were impressed what they used from a buffalo, there was no wastage at all. The exhibition had a 150 year old Tepee, one made out of Bison hide. We also learned that not all Indians lived in Tepee’s and were hunter. Some tribes lived in mud houses and were farmers. Most of them died due to European diseases, like measeles which wiped out 90% of a village in two weeks.

After the native Indian exhibition we moved into the art exhibition, well I didn’t take any pictures there. The next and final museum on the tour was the weapon museum, which contained more than 3000 original weapons, from the first guns used by the spaniels to the latest automatic weapon.

After the tour we had a look at the Buffalo Bill Exhibition which illustrated the life of Buffalo Bill including some tools and wagons.

Then we had a look at the downstairs exhibition, which showed the Gunfighters of the time with a bit of history about each of them.

Then we had a brief look at the Yellowstone exhibition, which was showing different animals and their environment. By this time it was 17:00 and they kicked us out of the museum. On our way out we took a couple of pictures of William Cody (Buffalo Bill) with our mascots.

Well, that was another marvellous day – and tomorrow we will ride the Chief Joseph highway and stay in Cooke City overnight.

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