At Sue’s place

Date: 12/07 – 17/07
City: Modesto, California
Miles ridden: 33
Cumulative miles: 9004

When we went to the flute group, we got invited by Sue to stay with her for a couple of days. Once we’d figured out that we’d have to stay in Modesto for at least a week, we contacted Sue and she invited us to dinner at her place. The idea was that this would give Sue a chance to meet us before we move in for a couple of days. When we arrived a nice home cooked dinner was waiting for us and we talked about Sues journeys and about our travel plans. Just before we left, we meet Bob, Sue’s husband; he is a doctor and according to Sue a workaholic.

Sue was happy for us to move in, so we did. After we settled in, we watched pictures of Sues India trip and we showed some pictures from our trip. Sue has a nice pool at the back and Sigrid had to test it out.

Then we talked a bit about Australia and Sue brought out two didgeridoo’s, so we played it for a bit 🙂

The next day we got up really early (3:30AM) to have a look at the aurora which should be visible just before sunrise. We drove to a lake state resort but couldn’t see anything of the aurora. We did manage to see a beautiful sunrise instead. I was cold, luckily  Sue brought some sleeping bags to keep us warm.


On our way back we had breakfast at a Donut place. This was the first time that we had Donuts for breakfast. After a nap, we watched more pictures of Sue’s Indonesia and Antarctic trip. We had another nap or two and then all went out for dinner to a nice pizza place.

Later that day we found out that the aurora didn’t hit the earth yet, maybe next night or it might miss the earth all together.

Well we managed to sleep in again, life can be hard J. I made some scrambled eggs and after breakfast Sigrid and Sue went to pick up Sues horse. It had injured its foot and was now almost mended and ready to come home again. Bob went to work so I had time to update our blog. When Sigrid and Sue came back with the trailer they got the horse out and you could see it was happy to be back home.

I briefly talked to Wombat. We’re thinking we might catch up before the HU meeting, but it all depends how fast the wrist is healing. In the afternoon we met one of Sue’s friends, she is from Germany and came to the USA a long time ago. It was really interesting to talk to her; she had done a lot of things in her life, all kinds of jobs and businesses, from owning a factory that produced hard disk parts to a roof fixing company. That day was Sues mums birthday, so we picked her up from an age care facility, sang happy birthday and went to a Japanese restaurant. She enjoyed the food and I hope I will be as switched on as she is when I turn 95.

After a nice meal we went home to Sue’s place and had some cake and coffee.


Next day I went to the physio, and had breakfast at Taxi’s: a burger chain that makes breakfast as well. After we arrived back at the house, we went to a Chinese chair massage, recommended by Sue. The chair was more of a couch than a chair, and it was very relaxing. When we came back it was time for a swim in the pool and a power nap after.

In the evening we went to the cinema with Sue and watched Brave. We all liked it. After the movies, we felt hungry and went to dinner at a BBQ place, came home and had some beer and some chocolate. Life is really stressful around here 😀

We felt a bit lazy, so when Sue invited us to a water aerobics class the next day, we jumped on it, or into it 🙂

It was the first time after the accident that I put my left hand under water, the cool water seems to help a lot. So after the water gymnastic, we went for 30 minutes gym circuits (single handed), not bad, but I think I will feel my legs and the right arm the next day.

In the evening we packed the bike, then sat together and talked for quite a while but we went to bed quite early since we would like to ride to Santa Cruz tomorrow and I needed to be at the physio at 8:00AM. To my surprise, the sun was up at this time.

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