Santa Cruz

Date: 18/07
City: Santa Cruz, California
Miles ridden: 125
Cumulative miles: 9129

We got up early, said good bye to Sue and Bob and hopped onto the bike and rode to my physio session.

After the physio session, we went back to the gym to pick up our thermos bottle which we forgot a day before. I had a brief look at the Santa Cruz temperature and noticed that it went down to 50F (10C) overnight, so we decided to take our heated vests with us. We drove back to the Ramada and picked up our Gerbin jackets. Then we were off – two up this time. Sigrid was happy that everything went well with me on the back and our repacked luggage. After we arrived in Santa Cruz, we put our stuff into our room and went to the beach walk.

Very impressive, plenty of marry go rounds and plenty of people, doesn’t anybody need to go work tomorrow? It’s a Thursday!?


We sat down on the beach, and used our bike cover as a blanket and later on as a mini tent. After the sunset the movie started, and the movie of the day was Grease.

It was nice to see a movie again after 30 years. When the movie was finished we had a brief look at the jetty. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed at this time, but we found a couple of sea lions making noise and lounging at a pontoon.

That was enough excitement for the day, tomorrow we have a look at the mystery spot and continue to Monterey, apparently a town with nice beaches and an impressive aquarium. We will check it out and report back! 😀

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  1. Hey, Good to see your back on road again. Even if it is pillion. Looks like your enjoying Californication. LOL. Certainly looks like the seals have a good life! And movies on the beach – how cool is that. (Should have “Jaws” though – LOL!!)

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