The wind in the helmet

Date: 09/07 – 11/07
City: Modesto, California
Miles ridden: 18.4
Cumulative miles: 8971
Finally! Today I got the motorbike gear on, and rode (as pillion) for the first time in four weeks! It felt great! We are mobile again! Yaaaay!!!
It was a nice warm morning and I enjoyed the wind in the helmet, I /knew/ something was missing the last four weeks.

We rode to the physio and Sigrid managed the additional weight at the back very well. It’s not a surprise since we practiced in Adelaide when Sigrid was picking me up from a pub 🙂 (You see? It was all part of a greater plan).

First thing at the physio was to wash my left hand. I felt odd to do that for the first time in four weeks, particularly while not having the splint support and twisting the hand. Then I got some exercises to do (ouch) and in the end I got my homework.

We will be back on Wednesday for more 🙂.
We spent the rest of the day on some mail and housekeeping. We are nearly done with everything that’s needed. It’s amazing how many forms you have to fill out and how many calls you have to make if you have an insurance claim. Imagine if you have to do it with two insurance companies at the same time! At night I had a look at Wombats spot tracking, and noticed that they were on the Dalton Highway yet after 7 hours of riding they turned around. I followed them until they were back in Fairbanks, when we Skyped and it turned out that the plan was to ride up to the Arctic Circle and turn around after that. We were relieved that everything was all right, but they did more than a whopping 400 miles and at least 200 of it on dirt. Now that’s impressive!


The next day was not very eventful, but at night we celebrated our 100’s day since leaving Adelaide. We went out for a meal at the Mexican restaurant around the corner.

Ok and the next day was my second rehab session. I got to play with balls, a puzzle, some putty and at the end I got a hand massage (ouch again).

When we went home and I realized why the one legged man sold the motorcycle pants so cheap J. Actually I tried to unzip the legs of the pants so I can wear them as shorts.

On Thursday we will meet with Sue and see how we organize the stay at her house.

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  1. Hi folks, happy riding! Ýour arm looks good, Björni! Hey, can you spot the type of keyboard I’m using? Luv from us temporary Euros! A & A xoxo

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