Welcome to the USA

In the previous blog I forgot to add some of the pictures from our flight. Flight map, Wombat and the Diddles in Dubai Airport, here they are.

We arrived in New York and went through immigration without any problems; even though we only had a one way ticket.

Stephen – Val’s Cousin – picked us up from the airport and brought us to his house, where we celebrated our arrival with some cold beer.

Spring just started here and the weather was perfect. After 42 hours of traveling, 31 hours of flights, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners and multiple other small feasts, our body clock was out of whack, and everything felt a bit like a dream. Slowly reality settled in “We are in New York“, after 3 years of planning our journey has started.


  1. I wish you all the best and a good time in New York!!
    Try breakfast at Metro Café in Manhatten: 51st street corner 6th or 7th avenue.
    And Top of the Rocks (Rockefeller Center near Radio City Music Hall) at night!!

    And there is a lot more awesome stuff you can do!!

  2. Glad to hear you are safely in the US of A. have a great trip will keep checking you movements

  3. U on your bikes yet? Thanx for updates! Sending a little bilby from OZ….there it is…..now it’s back here! USofA, you betta be nice to those two! A. xoxo

  4. Where, or rather, how far, is Vermont? Where to next, folks? Surely you are over any jetlag, and surely, you must be over the stock exchange or anything remotely related to work?! A.

  5. Great,that you safe and sound arrived and I hope your trip goes super. espeally if it starts with a cold beer hee hee. Happy Easter for you all.

  6. Hi all, glad to hear you have arrived safely. Good job you put something on as our besties, Brian & Val have forgotten us already and not even sent us an email! We already miss you all terribly. Have fun but hurry home! xxxx

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