Leaving on a jet plane

Leaving on a jet plane

On Sunday morning we rode back to Adelaide, and got lucky again with the weather. I got used to Simons bike and I started to enjoy riding a cruiser (don’t tell Simon!) [edit: too late, he’s editing your blog]
We took our travel laptop with us to the AGM and we noticed that there were still some files and tools missing. So as soon we arrived at home, I started to move the desktop and monitors out of the shed back into Ft. Knox. For some reason Sigrid wasn’t happy ……

And our new SD Video camera was there, I ordered it on the weekend before we left to the AGM, and was hoping that it would arrive before Monday morning. Luckily it arrived on Friday, and we could take it along!

In the evening we met with the family and went out for dinner. Sigrid enjoyed holding Silas for a while; I gave her most of my holding time share J

Back from dinner, we started to pack the last bag with riding gear and my suit. Gabi, our friend from Berlin, will meet us in New York and we’ll spend Easter together. She organized a possible visit at the New York stock exchange, so we had to bring some semi-formal outfit. Apparently motorbike boots and bike jackets don’t cut it. We were thinking of renting the formal clothes for a day in New York, since we wouldn’t have the space in the our motorbike luggage for the formal wear. Gabi came up with a better solution, she would take the formal wear back to Berlin and we pick it up in June next year and take it home from there. So we repacked everything until 3AM. When we moved the last parts into the sched we discovered 2 soft toys that we brought from Berlin, a male and female Diddle. We thought they should us accompany during our travel. Brian and Val had a similar idea; Val organized a wombat to travel with them

Next morning as we were getting ready to go to the airport, I got a surprise when I tried to finalize some account setup with our banks. I know, that /probably/ should have been done earlier – but …….. We needed to call the banks to solve the problem, which gave us just enough time get to the airport, check the luggage in and then jump onto the plane. Our whole family brought us to the airport – I guess they just wanted to make sure that we were really leaving J.

The flight went without problems, Adelaide – Melbourne – Singapore – Dubai- New York. We couldn’t use the spot to update our blog, since the layover was too short to leave the airport and get outside – which would have been needed for acquiring the GPS position. Placing the spot on a window wasn’t enough, so our map will only show Adelaide and then New York. Short note about Emirates Airline: the seating, entertainment and food was excellent, so we hardly noticed the 28 hours sitting in airplanes.



  1. So you definitely have to come to Germany in April!!
    Really looking forward to it.
    Otherwise (if you do not make it), I will bring you your formal clothes to Adelaide. 🙂


    I hope you have a great time!

  2. Hallo ihr zwei Abenteurer!
    Wie spannend ist das denn, euch auf eurer Reise begleiten zu dürfen. Wir wünschen euch alles erdenklich Gute und eine Pannenfreie Reise! Da kommt man sich als Citybiker echt schäbig vor! Na wenigstes werde wir eine Woche im September in die Toskana biken. Ist ja auch was :-))
    Passt auf euch auf und bleibt Gesund!

    Viele Grüße aus Berlin
    Die Steppi´s

  3. Hang on – who is logging on here – is that Sigrid or Bjoern writing??.BTW, Silas is very cute as a bunny (looking over Andrea’s shoulder on Facebook) but looks good as a baby too!
    what an adventure you are on – loving the updates

    1. Hi Anne,
      Welcome to the Blog! 🙂
      I think the last few posts have been Sigrid, but they tend to alternate between them. Then I get to give whatever is written a short edit 🙂

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