New York, New York (1)

Date: 04-05 April

Karin (Stephens’s wife) and her daughter Sara dropped us off at the New Yorker hotel. The traffic was frantic and I was happy that I didn’t have to drive on the first day. I was impressed how Karin managed the car around the busses and trucks. It reminded me a bit of the traffic in Delhi.

When we arrived in the Hotel, our friends from Germany, Gabi and Mathias were already there. We had a short walk in the neighbourhood and had a burger in one of the small shops. The surroundings looked like stage being prepared. I guess watching American movies does /that/ to you 🙂.
The view from our window is quite nice.

The next day we had a invitation to visit the New Yorker Stock exchange. Gabi did her magic and organized it. She originaly tried it from Berlin, but all she got was ‘No visitors after 911’. Then one night she watched TV and saw Manuel Koch reporting on the current stock exchange movements. She emailed Manuel and he was nice enough to organise a tour for us. We were really impressed. Having said that, we had to follow a dress code. This meant buying a new shirt, tie and trousers for me, since we forgot to pack them. Sigrid found a shop called ‘Century 21’ which opened early enough for us and it was described as the insider tip for value for money clothing. So I got my Christmas presents earlyJ.

After the stock exchange we hopped onto the free Staten Island Ferry which was passing the Statue Of Liberty. The Statue is currently under renovation so we couldn’t get onto it, so passing with the ferry was the closest that we got to go.

In the evening we paid Times Square a visit. On the way to the square we discovered an M&M store, it was really fun to stroll through. We were amazed what M&M merchandise are available, from soft toys, to fridge magnets, T-Shirts ……

I know the blog updates are a bit slow at the moment, but it is hard work to spend the whole day strolling through New York. In the evening we can’t write the blog.. no we have to sit in a pub and review the day over a beer or two.

Hopefully the updates will be quicker as soon we pick up the bikes ~ which should be the 10th of April 😀




  1. Whoopee! 10th April here, guess you haven’t gotten up yet, only 5 am over in NYC…. great day to get your bikes, and get on your bikes! Thinking of you, ‘phat’ hugs from Sydney, and hi Gabi! BFN!

  2. I´m really impressed to see the pic´s . I hope, you have a good time – cheers I have a beer now too. Enjoy your time on the bike. many Hugs and kisses for all of you from Inge

  3. Hi 2 u all. Wow the pics look great..impressed by the suit Bjoern! If u did well at stock exchange u can buy us all suits 🙂 Take care. Stay safe. Off to NT tomorrow for work (again).

  4. Nearly, we are at the Niagara Falls. Today we have a look at the USA side, tomorrow we try the Canadian side. Our blog is a bit behind, we try to solve some problems.

  5. Hey you guys,

    Looks like you are having heaps fun… which is good… but am waiting to hear more from you. Hope you get it fixed soon. Take good care and keep having fun. The Niagra snaps on Facebook look amazing…

    Love Loads

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