Meeting Belinda in Brooklyn, then back to New York!

We had a late start to meet our friend Belinda in Brooklyn. We’d not seen her in about 20 years, she is an American friend of our from when we lived in Berlin.
Bjoern used the extra time in the morning to book the car for the journey to Vermont to pick up the bikes.

We took the subway again and had some fun with the diddles along the way 😀

Meeting with Belinda was great, we talked all the time – we had so much to catch up on! Belinda prepared some sort of pancake for us, this way we adhered to the Passover ritual of not to have anything that rises. We also managed to get an extra dose of patting cats – Belinda has two.

Meet one of them – isn’t she cute?

After a very tasty brunch we had a walk through Belinda’s neighbourhood. How beautifully colourful!

This included Toms Diner, the one from the song by Suzan Vegas… dubdidudu dupdidudo dupdo dudup….

At least the diner owner thinks so 😉

Belinda said good bye to us on the subway

And then we went to look at Ground Zero

I thought it was a pretty moving memorial.  And the new towers are going up at the rate of knots!


The next few photos are from the walk to the Waldorf Astoria to catch up with Gaby and Matthias – a great place to meet 😉
Again, we had some fun with the Diddles


Once there we soaked up the surroundings while having a drink and then took some pictures

We headed back to little Italy, and had a nice meal in a Swiss restaurant.

And then spent some time walking through little Italy

stopping only for essentials, like for tiramisu, coffee and beer at a café.
Finally we went home, tired but happy 😀

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  1. Yeah I think you have really a great time and soo many things to see. I miss you immensely. Have fun further on. Big Hugs.I could find a little similarity with the Belinda I have known.

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