Arrived at Steven and Karen’s Place… again :-)

We got up later in the morning today, had breakfast and then tried to fill out the online form for the N.Y. road authority. We had to sort out or Eazy pay tag. The website didn’t accept a foreign credit card so we called them. After getting the run around  for a while, a very patient lady got all our details and linked the tag to our credit card. We also called the insurance company and clarified what we had to get as proof of our previous bike insurance.
We finally left the hotel at 11:15 and took our first wrong turn onto the highway. Bjoern’s excuse was that the GPS is a bit flaky when it comes to short crossings… 10 miles one way and 10 miles back and we were finally riding in the right direction. 🙂

The rest of the trip went well, and we tried to keep the bike on about half throttle. (They’re new bikes, you have to ride them in first)

As we got close we missed the turn-off, this time the detour was much shorter, only around 5 miles.  So we arrived at Stephen and Karens house by a slightly more scenic route.

Whoops! The bikes are a bit big for the door…

We met the whole family and Wombat and Val again. They are still willing to put up with us for the next few days. Bjoern got all his new toys. He felt like a boy at Christmas. The best thing was that the bash plates arrived! Nice! Unfortunately some screws and a small brackets are missing. After catching up for a while, we followed Karen, Sara, Wombat and Val to a shopping centre. We tried to get a 12V soldering iron and a multimeter. That was unsuccessful, but browsing and shopping for other things was fun. We rode back to their place for some dinner ~ Colleen is a great cook! Sigrid called the Palace hotel and we went to use up the night Wombat and Val paid for when we were still in Adelaide. Had a beer and a wine at the bar , then were off to bed for some well deserved rest 🙂

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