Off We Go!

We organized with Simon that we can use his bike for the ride to the AGM before we put our bikes into consignment. On Tuesday we had the last few frantic preparation before we left to the Ulysses club AGM in Mildura. We have to clean out the last bits from our study (somebody must put more stuff in all the drawers, I can’t have accumulated so much rubbish!!) and bed room. As usual, it took longer than anticipated.
We left late, so we arrived at night.

The house Wombat and Val organized is great, enough space for all of us and most important free wireless internet access, so we could test our blog (it worked if you can read this 😀 ). Below are some pictures of our hard life in Mildura.

Oh, and Sigrid used the free time to make her hair easier to maintain, she got her hair cut short.


  1. Have fun guys! Sigrids haircut is amazing! I cut all mine off to go to South America & have never grown it back, soooo much easier to handle short!

  2. I didn’t think you were actualy going to do it Sigi! You gutsy lady you, it looks great. Biorn will have trouble dragging you into the cave now? Love Pinky and Wooly XXXXXXXX

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