At Niagara Falls – US and Canada Side


We got treated to a coffee from room service by Val at around 8 o’clock. Had a brief chat with Simon about our Blog problem but we postponed the troubleshooting to tomorrow. Went for breakfast, simple continental including Muffins which were quite nice.

We drove to Niagara Falls and parked the car infront of the travel information building. We only had to pay $5 (instead of $10) and got a free coffee with it. Ok, Sigrid said it was quite bitter, but it /was/ free 😛

The information desk clerk tried to sell us a 4 hour trip for $80. Sigrid and Wombat said that they saw something similar at the other information stall for only $33. So we gave it a miss and went to the other information stall. The lady was very helpful and advised us that most of the attraction would be free, only for the boat trip and the Cave of the winds had a charge attached to them. So we decided to entertain ourselves (good choice!). First we walked over the pedestrian bridge to the Luna Island.

The view from the Island was magnificent. We were directly on the edge of the American falls.

And we got a picture of the honeymooners!

After that we went to the Terrapin point on the Horse shoe falls, which is the Canadian side of the falls.  I have to admit that it was even better than Luna Island.

It seems that the Canadian falls are much bigger. From there we went to the ‘Cave of the winds complex’ which brought us down to the base of the waterfalls by elevator.

It was really nice, but most of the walkways were closed for renovation. All of us realised that we must have taken more footage then we thought, because nearly all of our batteries where empty. So we went back to the hotel, got the spare batteries and memory chips, had a quick bite at McDonalds and went back to the falls for the boat trip. We got the tickets, went onto the tower, took a couple of pictures and then headed down to the boat mooring.

We hopped onto the boat not long after, and had a marvellous boat trip.

After that we went onto the bridge to enter Canada.

Everything went well and we crossed the border without problems.  Once on the Canadian side we looked for a coffee shop. Quite by accident we discovered that we could still go on the ‘behind the waterfall walk’.  It was 6:20 and the walk was open until 7:00.

Unfortunately the walk was a bit disappointing.

So we headed over to a restaurant and waited until 8:30 when the lights for the waterfall come on. Now THAT was spectacular. We took loads of couple of pictures, here’s some of them:

and went back over the Canadian American Bridge and then to our hotel home.


  1. Hi there you two,
    Looks very nice weather over there so you picked good timing.
    It’s raining quite steadily today so you’re not missing anything here!

  2. Wow that looks very intersting with the lights on the waterfalls. Tho whole area looks quite big. And you have fun that´s the main thing, have safe trips,Huggis

  3. Hi,sister and brother in law, got today this link from Niko, nice pictures, and I see thats your (little grazy) way of live, have fun

  4. I have just caught up with your blogg. Cannot believe what an amazing time you guys are having.The falls have blown me away. Especially at night with the lights behind them. For some reason I had pictured them being out in the middle of no-where. couldnt understand that there was a path near by…of course there would be, its 2012. Keep having fun guys. Take care xxxx julie

  5. I dont want to miss a birthday so heres to you Sigrid…wherever u will be I am sure you will enjoy and tell Bjoern to BUY you a decent coffee for your b/day…free doesnt always taste better when it comes to coffee 🙂 xx safe travels to you all…

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