Arrive at Niagara Falls

miles: 303
Sigrid organized a car over the internet for this part of the trip.
We picked up the car in the morning with Wombat, but we would have needed to pay another $50 to allow additional drivers – like Brian and Val. Opted against it, which meant that only Sigrid and Bjoern could drive this hire car:

As it turned it it wasn’t an issue anyway.
We allowed the wombat to drive first

then Bjoern drove to Niagara without any problems. Wombat navigated. Sigrid and Val had their laptops to keep them happy. Along the way we had some fun with our travel companions

And a well deserved coffe break:

As we approached the falls we were greeted by beautiful blooming trees, they looked like they had snow on them!

We saw the the water falls from the top and raced towards the edge. We were very excited!

Then the falls.. even only a short look was awe-inspiring

After the excursion we looked for accommodation – it all seemed a bit dear around there… Finally, with Val’s help looking up accommodation on the internet, we found a newly build Motel 6 for a good price

Everyone like it 🙂

Had dinner after that at the ‘Ponderosa’ restaurant which reminded us a bit on Sizzlers back home a few years ago. We chose it sow we could get something not too spicy as Wombat had some issues with his gallbladder. We also organized some oats for him, but with no microwave or cooking in the room he’s been able to avoid them thus far 😉.

The night ended with us having a beer and checking out the pictures we took of our trip so far.

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