Visiting Twisted Throttle


The troubleshooting by Sigrid and Simon was successful; the problem was that Sigrids version of Word wasn’t setup to send the pictures to the server. Once fixed, we had breakfast at 9:30, but by that time Wombat and Val were really hungry. After breakfast we packed our stuff and started the drive at around 11:30. Val once more found beautiful accommodation with indoor pool, heated spa and gym for $72 about 10 miles away from Twisted Throttle, which is the shop that supplies the heated vests and other motorbike accessories we need for our trip.


We arrived there around 19:20 and had a nice meal at Fat Belly, which is sort of a Irish pub.

We went back to the hotel and had a swim in the pool and relaxed in the hot spa. Wombat didn’t have bathers with him, so neither Val nor him could use the pool.
Once we were relaxed we had a brief meeting to see what we’ll do the next couple of days.


The day started by us attempting to use the pool again, but it was closed for cleaning :/

So we went to breakfast a little earlier and met up with Wombat and Val.

After packing up we left for Twisted Throttle where we were planing to stay for an hour. We arrived 10 AM, started browsing and got really good customer service from Will. He was patient enough to give us advice, let us try all the different sizes, waited until we made up our mind (I’ll take this bracket! Actually, wait, I don’t need it. No, wait, Actually I take it 😉 ). There was also free coffee, donuts and some pinball machines :-).
Val and Wombat disappeared into the twisted throttle dungeon (a top notch workshop with all the bells and whistles that an engineering workshop needs) to try some of the equipment on the currently build project bike, which is a 2012 V Storm.  All four of us bought heaps of stuff- but for Sigrid the most important thing was the heated vests and heated gloves. In the end, everybody was happy and Will was kind enough to take a picture of us and put it onto the twisted throttle Facebook.

After our little shopping spree we left there around 2pm, which was just marginally longer than the planed 1 hour… So we headed down to the nearby beach and took in the scenery.

The awesome T-shirts are thanks to twisted throttle!

Before heading back to New Jersey we had some food at a local store called Iggys

Later that night we got caught in a bad traffic jam coming back into New York. It took us almost 2 hours to move about 4 miles, which reminded me of Berlin. The time felt even longer for Bjoern and Wombat who were busting to go. It was quite funny to see them racing at the next petrol stop after the traffic congestion cleared, and the total relieve on their faces after J


  1. Your t-shirts looking good,impressiv. Don´t spend all you money in the first days and take a swimm for me too.

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