Off to the Store!

Day: 10 – 12
Date: 11/4 – 13/4
City: Fords, New Jersey
Miles ridden: 300
Cumulative miles: 300

Here we are, having a yummy breakfast in front of the Central Vermont Bike shop. We almost have the bikes!

Finally, we arrived at Central Vermont Motorcycles and met Jay and Jeremy. We talked with them on the phone and via email for  nearly 3 Months and they helped us a lot during the purchase and registration process. Finally we got to meet them in person!

When you have to do something remotely, it’s been my experience that there’s a couple of things that don’t go to plan.  You just accept it and move on.  But not with these Guys!
Everything was organized and went perfectly smoothly.  Even our special number plates had arrived.
The customer service here is just exceptional. Jay even drove us back from the airport where we had to drop off the rental car!

Once all the paperwork was done, Bjoern got to work on the bikes putting our additional luggage and the GPS on. Meanwhile the Diddles spent some time taking possession of their bikes 🙂

The first time we have brand new bikes!

The number plates look great!

You may have noticed…. My topbox does not clip on anymore. Bjoern fixed it with a strap. We are almost ready to go now, the only thing is that the weather is rather chilly and rainy. So out comes all of our raingear – that should keep us reasonably warm!

Eventually we had to do some minor mechanical work on the road… the batteries for the GPS were almost empty and to add the device to the power supply of the new bikes requires some modifications…

Done, but it became a bit late so we stopped in a small town about 100 miles away from Jersey

What a great day, though!  Time for sleep 🙂


  1. Wow, I like the new bikes. I thought you are long time goin by now. Where you are ? The blokes with you and the bikes looking good too.

  2. Macht Spass euren Block zu lesen und so ein bischen an der Reise teil zu nehmen.
    Alles Gute und immer einen Liter Sprit im Tank wünschen Suma und Paul

  3. The plates do look good, do you get to keep them when you come home?
    At least we’ll be able to identify you on Youtube if you do something really funny!

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