Wednesday: Pilliga to Cobar

Talked to the other couples on the campground about the noisy night, they said they heard it as well and were thinking on us. We talked to an older couple that traveled around Australia in a bus, and they encouraged us to travel as long we can. After all that talking and another bath, we left the campground relatively late.
In Pilliga we enquired about the road condition at the police station (well we passed the house of the police man) The Policeman told us that the dirt road to Junction would be ok but couldn’t tell us more about the dirt road to White Cliff. Went into a coffee shop, had a coffee and Sigrid discovered that a screw on my old pair of glasses was missing. We fixed it with a bit of bread wire from the shop assistant.
First 32Km of dirt road with the bikes fully loaded. Road was graded but some sand patches were there. After a couple of kilometres I remembered to let the tyre pressure down, which improved the stability of the bike quite a bit. We were just happy that we managed the road without dropping the bike.
In Burke we went to the police station, since we couldn’t find the information office. The police woman described the direction to the information office, but she realized as well that it was past 17:00, so the office would be closed. So we asked her about the dirt road to white cliff, and she confirmed that it was closed. Thus the only way was via Corba.
We left the police station, filled up and set off to Corba (150km). It was raining on the way, and we saw an Emu, goats, sheep and kangaroos on the road, so we took it really easy. In Corba we looked for a Motel, but we couldn’t find anything for under 100A$ (125A$/night). So Sigrid found the camp ground and we book a carbine with en suite. On the way to the lunch, we discovered that Sigrid’s back foot peg couldn’t be folded out any more, so I dismantled the foot peg and lost the spring and ball on the ground (in my defence, the ground was fine crushed stones). We searched with the torch but could only recover the spring. We headed to dinner at the RSL, but they just closed the kitchen 5 minutes before we arrived. So we went into a pub instead and had a great meal.

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