Friday: White Cliff to Burra

Got up to see the sun rise (that was early). After we stopped shivering, we got back to the room, packed, had breaky (bacon and eggs) and left at about 9:00. That’s really early for us. I was aiming for Adelaide that day, but Sigrid came up with the idea to take a picture from emus, goats, sheep and cattle that we would find crossing the road, as well as some ponds that formed during the last rain. So progress was a bit slower, but we took nice pictures. Stopped in Broken Hill to buy some magnetic oil sump plugs. The Suzuki dealer  knew what I was talking about, but he didn’t have it. We went to the Information office to find out if they have maps about dirt roads in S.A. They didn’t but they had pamphlets that showed some unsealed roads. So we settled for them and bought some fridge magnets as gifts, went to a gallery to purchase some more souvenirs before heading off to Burra. On the way we found some police escorting 50 or so Finks. We had a small break at a road house, Sigrid had a nap and then we did some bike maintenance. We oiled both chains and removed the access oil from both air filter outlets, all by ourselves. We arrived in Burra just before sun set. The caravan park didn’t have any cabins, the historic accommodation where pretty pricey, so we settled for pub accommodation. Arriving at the pub, we got the room key but the room had not been cleaned.

Got another room and when I put down all the luggage that we brought up, Sigrid noticed something fall from my ear. My golden computer-mouse earring was missing, and the lock had just fallen to the ground. So we jumped on the bike and traced back our steps. Sigrid found my earring in front of the camp ground office. We went back happy, had a nice dinner and went up to our room to update this blog.
The plan is to do ~100km of dirt road and then head home.

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