Monday: Inverell

Dropped the bike of at Vince Strange Motorcycles, the work shop manager was a German guy names Günter.

He rode himself (a KTM) and he suggested that we should go to White Cliffs via the dirt road, as it would be a good training for us and not too hard. He couldn’t promise that the bike would be ready until that night, so went back and I had a look how to get to White Cliffs. We also wanted to have a look at the Wine Shanty which the pub owner suggested. Got a phone call around 16:00 that the bike was ready. When we picked the bike up, a mechanic showed me how to tension my chain, I was over the moon.

On the way back, I notice a noise coming from the chain, and it was clear that the chain was not evenly lengthened. Nothing I could do about it that evening, so we went grocery shopping and had a nice Thai meal.

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