Sunday: New Castle to Inverell

It was raining in the morning, so we started to pack everything inside of the tent.

John and Julie initially waited for us, but we took too long so they started without us. Ron was passing our tent and was telling me again that he would complain about his lost business 🙁
We had to pack all the stuff that we bought (1pair of boots, 2 trousers, 1 Jumper and a couple of t shirts) in addition to our other stuff, so it took a while before we packed everything . When we started to ride, the rain has just stopped. I completely underestimated the time that we need to Inverell, since there were plenty of townships with only a 80km/h speed limit. We pushed on and did the last 1 hour of riding in the dark (mental note, improve the lights of the DR650, they suck).

For the last bit we latched onto a 4WD with bright front lights. Found a very nice Motel, whose owner rides a bike himself. After some talk, he ensured that the kitchen in the pub was still open and waiting for us. He even drove us to the pub down the street. Very nice.
Got to talk to the Pub owner, a Ulyssian himself, and he told us about a wine Shanty we should check out if we had some time

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