Saturday: New Castle

Saturday was parade day.  Sigrid was riding pillion, which some theorise was related to the partying the night before….

Thanks to an extremely long queue, we didn’t even get a coffee at the start of the parade. At the end, the queue on the stall was extremely long so we went to the nearest coffee shop.  Once there we met a fellow Ulyssian and an American Tennis player who was at the US air force based in Italy, just to play tennis a and win trophies. Went back to the Ulysses speeches and returned home after they were finished. We spent a lot of money on me that last day… I got new boots (the old ones where leaking through the sole during the last rain and started to crack on the top) and a pair of gloves (the old one had some air con features, a long hole on the palm and 3 smaller ones on the top of the hand).

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