Tizi N Test

23/06/2019: Quled Aarfa
Km travelled today/sum: 218 km / 7215km
Sun shine, 22 degrees, Mountain road, highway

The Tiz N Test pass is a semi (in-)famous one lane road with mostly tar on it.

As we started though, the first part of the trip was on a road with a lane for each direction and great tarmac.

We passed a water reservoir and could see the start of the High Atlas.

Just after the reservour, the one lane road started. Again, I like these mountain ranges particular looking back at the road we just came from.

We noticed that the drivers were considerate and, if possible, they made space for us so we could stay on the tarmac. We really appreciated that, since the side didn’t have any guard rails and the gravel on the side was partially pretty rough. Eventually we made it to the pass without any problems.

The view was great, in the backgound (right side) you can see the Anti Atlas. After the pass, the road got worse, there were parts without any tarmec at all and riddled with potholes. Just as we were getting used to it a bit, we came around a corner and all of the sudden there was a newly laid road, one lane each direction!

The remaining ride to our accommodation was a breezer, except when we turned onto the last laneway. It was heavily corrugated and had corse pebbles. I guess this bit only lasted 1km, but we were happy when it stopped. When we arrived at the accommodation, I first parked my bike, then I tried to park Sigrid’s bike. Pressing the starter button resulted in a short clunck noise and then nothing. No display, no light and no starter motor. We pushed the bike into the accommodation, fearing the worst.

Off we go, I got the tool out and had a look. Turned out that the battery screw loosened through the bumpy road today. I was happy that it was such an easy fix. And the tools I got from Klaus were put to good use!

Here is a view into the court yard. During the conversation with Mark, our host, we realized that it was his birthday.

Some of Marks friends arrived in the evening, and after dinner we got invited to join the birthday round, with cake made by his wife Ann. Both were from Belgium and moved to Morocco three years ago, to fulfill their dream and run a hostel.

During the time we were celebrating, Diddle made another friend.

Tomorrow is an easy day. We have only 80km to Agadir, the road is a highway and the temperature will be below 30 degrees 😊

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