Another holiday

24-27/06/2019: Agadir
Km traveled today/sum: 87 km / 7302 km
Sun shine, 26 degrees, highway

We packed the bikes, said good bye to Mark and Ann and drove off. On our way was the town of Taroudant. We had a brief look and took some pictures of the Town gate.

From here we drove through Agadir. The traffic reminded me a bit of India, everything goes and keep doing what you are you doing, don’t stop. We arrived at our accommodation unscathed, this time we’d booked an apartment where we could cook for ourselves and the bikes were securely parked.

After settling into the room, Sigrid …… jumped into the pool.

We didn’t have any particular aims, except to plan the last leg of our Morocco trip. But first, we had a look at the beach. Our accommodation was not too far from the beach, but the way to the beach was not very nice. There were some unused properties where the footpath ended and the lots were used as rubbish dump.

Anyway, the beach itself was quite nice. I think it might be a major vacation place for Moroccan families. There was also the opportunity to have a camel ride… since we already did that in the Sahara, we gave it a miss here.

During our walk, we found this nicely decorated mobile tower, it looks like a palm tree!

During our time in Agadir, we went shopping in a super market. To our surprise, you could buy rice and noodles in bulk and the same with the spices.

Here is Sigrid with our dinner, notice the bottle wine on the table. We stumbled across a bottle shop here in Agadier, how nice!

Our next town to visit is Essaouira, apparently the wind capital of Morocco. Apparently they have very nice seafront ramparts, some sort of fortress.

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