Lisbon AirBnB –Part 2

21/5 Tue Lisbon

This morning we jogged to the supermarket to get bread rolls. Then more site seeing, this time on Björn’s bike only, because Sigrid’s chain makes lots of noise now

We visited the Jesus stature (Cristo Rei)


and took the elevator to the top. What a view!

After that we went past the campground. Joy! We got the 2 parcels we were waiting for, especially the chain and sprocket. But not all was well… Björn’s visa wasn’t there. It now has only one more day time to arrive. Ou to frustration we had a big lunch at the campground, cheap and nice though! 

Out of curiosity we visited the restaurant around the corner at night, a surprisingly cool and quirky place. We only had a glass of wine, since we were still filled up from lunch that cost us only 1 Euro, so we promised that we would be back tomorrow. We’ll take some pictures then!

We finished the day with looking at all the pictures we has this far taken.

22/5 Wed Lisbon

After another jog to the supermarket we made our way to the chain and sprocket place on both bikes.

After dropping Sigrids bike off, we agreed to be back in about an hour or so.  We decided to go to the shopping centre nearby where we printed some pictures to use them as postcards, organized a pen and envelopes to write our cards and the message-in-a-bottle we still had from Sylt, Germany.

After lunch, we wrote the cards and bottle message and brought them to the postoffice after we had finally worked out that Post in Portugal is called Correo.

At the post office we had a long discussion with the clerks about the posting of a bottle-letter. According to them the bottle should be in an envelope. Fine, we gave in and put everything in an envelope, even adding picture cards. Hopefully it will arrive in time for Caspian’s birthday. When we finally walked back to the motor cycle shop it was closed for a Siesta…

Oh, well back we went to the centre for another coffee, then the bike was ready.. In the ensuing conversation with the head mechanic we ended up mentioning that we would travel to Morocco. He suggested that we talked to his boss, as he often visits Morocco. So we did, and it turned into an hour long conversation. Carlos translated a trip layout he had done earlier into English for us and told us lots of small tricks, for example take cigarettes for trading. He even gave us an address from a mechanic in Morocco, just in case. What a great guy!

Carlos, the champion who gave us travel advice for Morocco

Next we drove to the tyre place. There it took only 20 min and the new tyre was on.

Riccardo and Happy Sigrid

After taking pictures with Riccardo, the shop owner we went home. When we arrived two cars had blocked our parking spot. The owner of the local pub came out after a short while and asked if we would like to park there, When we said yes, his wife came out and moved one of the cars allowing us to park there. After parking we went to the pub and had a beer with the locals which was nice. As promised, at night we went to the restaurant around the corner and had a great dinner.

I had a big steak and Sigrid a skewer filled with meat and vegetables.



23/5 Thu Lisbon

After our jog to the supermarket we moved rooms once again. We had extended our stay to allow for Björns visa for to arrive

The new room was much smaller, but cheaper as well.

We used the time for a last sight-seeing tour, this time with public transport, the bus.

Due to Sigrid opting for the first available bus, we didn’t quite take the right bus and ended up on top of the old town. This was a blessing in disguise as we now only had to walk down. We took a small detour to a castle, but because they were asking for 10 Euro entrance fee, we skipped it.

In the street they played music from a balcony, what a nice atmosphere!

We stumbled over a restaurant with a great view where we had a coffee.

Sigrid called the campground; they still didn’t have Björn’s Visa. Darn!

We walked down to the commercial square and went up onto the arc. Nice views. Sigrid couldn’t resist ringing the bell of the tower clock… We even have it on Video.  It was loud! 



This concluded our visit of Lisbon

Tomorrow we’ll move out and take our chances going past the campground, hoping the visa arrive just before we leave Lisbon… if it’s not there we will need to camp at the campground until it arrives 🥺

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