Test ride with benefits :-)

03/04/2019: Marienwerder

Km travelled today: 124
Weather: Sun shine, 16 degrees

In the morning we packed or bikes for the first time on this trip, taking all of our luggage except the camping gear.

After saying goodbye to Freya, we stopped for a short coffee at Klaus’s, then headed off to Marienwerder to visit Micha and Manu. We arrived around 3pm in the afternoon. After Coffee and cake we checked out their new overland truck cabin and could help them to get that big thing onto the base of their truck….  accurately!

At night we watched pictures and exchanged tips and stories about travelling. They put us onto an app called Park4Night, which sounds great so we’ll check it out for sure!

04/04/2019: Seeburg

Km travelled today: 80
Weather: Sun shine, 14 degrees

The next morning we continued with our fitness routine – we were a bit lax on that in recent days…. 

And were rewarded with a sumptuous breakfast!

Later we drove Micha to a doctor’s appointment to get his eye sorted out.  Little did we know that this would mean turning into a pirate! 

Returning home we finished the afternoon with waffles and coffee before making our way to Gaby in Seeburg.

Not even 5 mins into the trip we got a phone call… we’d left the bag with all the chargers at their place, U-oh!  U-turn time!

By the time we were ready to set off a second time, Sigrid’s fuel gauge was low and we thought it prudent to drive 15k’s to get some fuel…. turns out that this was in the opposite direction 😉.

Finally we were off to Seeburg and the GPS thought it would be best to drive through the city. Oh well…. In the end we arrived at Gaby’s shortly after sunset and her dad opened the door for us . Gaby arrived 5 mins later; we had a night cap and fell into bed.

05/04/2019: Berlin

Km travelled today: 40
Weather: Sun shine, 14 degrees

We’re keeping up with our exercises! Wohoo! All exercised out, we did some washing and planning for the trip. Sigrid had the luxury to get to a facial today. Bjoern dropped her off at the public transport and picked her up after in the city. There we visited a range of shops, namely the Ampelmännchen shop, Apple Sore and Aldi.

On the way back to the bike we saw this! The Quadriga with bears! How cute!

All set up we finished with dinner at a Currywurst stand.

Later at Gaby’s we finished the night with a glass of wine… Well, actually Bjoern and Gaby talked until midnight 😉

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