Off to new Adventures!

We will travel back to Europe in a few days to explore more of it. After returning to Australia October 2017 we bussied ourselfs with the grandchildren and family commitments.

In 2018 we travelled sans Blog to northern QLD. The intention was to reach Cape York , however we only got to 25 km out of Laura. There we both came off on the dirt road. Not thinking much of it we lifted up the bikes to survey the damage. After that it became apparent that Sigrid had sustained some more injuries than originally thought. A kind lady in pickup drove her back to Laura first aid station. From there she got air lifted with suspected spleen rupture.

Helicopter landing place where Sigrids helicopter landed

Bjorn and Sigrid having the first coffee together after the accident

The spleen rupture turned out to be a minor tear, so no operation was required. It did however hospitalise her in Cairns for a week.

Bjorn in the meantime had his hands full with getting the bikes out of the dirt and back to Cairns which he managed with the help of kind strangers and friends currently living up there. Repairs proved to be difficult. But after 4 weeks we were back on the road and returned home for a big family event-our son’s wedding.

The happy couple

The happy couple

This was followed by Bjorn reaching his 60 year milestone

and us planning a new trip ,which brings us to present days.🤗

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