Date: 18 – 23/09/2017
From/To: Prague – Venice
Distance: 195 Km
Total Distance: 16066 Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzle, Rain, Windy
Road: Paved


We said good bye to our host Blanca. She had to go to work and we started to pack our bikes.

The weather forecast was predicting rain, so we put our rain gear on, just in case.

It didn’t rain, but it was cold. On the way we found the ‘Motorest U Dubu – E 55’ restaurant, so we stopped and had some nice lunch.

Not long after we arrived in Austria, problem was now to find where the vignette- Required as proof for maud payment were sold. You need the vignette to travel on the Austria highways. Normally you can buy them at the patrol stations, but there were no petrol stations after the Czechian border. No surprise, comparing the petrol price in both countries. Anyway, it took us an hour to find a petrol station that sold the vignette, and another 30min before we found a petrol station that sell the vignette for motorcycles J

In the evening it started to rain, so we stopped in ‘Eben im Pongau ‘ looked for an accommodation. We found a nice hotel but the weather forecast for the next day was dim. Rain thew hole day, from Eben to Venice. When we started the next morning it was raining, the temperature was around 5 degrees. The snow line was dropped over night to 1000m , so we started to see white trees left and right from the highway and the temperature dropped to +0.5 degrees. Lucky there was no ice on the highway.

The rest of the right was as expected, rainy. We arrived in Cavallino, a peninsula in front of the Venice.


The next day the rain stopped and the sun started to come out. From our hotel we could see the mountains close by.


At night we had some sea food platter in a nice restaurante nearby.

The after was the day, we went to Venice using the public transport. Here some pictures approaching Venice with the ferry.

Below a picture of the famous sigh bridge-Ponte dei Sospiri .

Below you can see a prisoners hand, the last time before he went to the prison cell …, or it might be a tourist J.

And here is a picture from the famous ‘Piazza San Marco’ and the clock tower.

It started to get flooded, as it does twice a day. On the right picture you can see the water rising.

Here is a closer picture from the St. Marks Basilica.

I liked the channels, here particular with the reflection of the house in the canal.

Sigrid had to feel if the water is cold… it was. J

The pictures below from our way to the Rialto Bridge.

And here it is, the Rialto Bridge. On the left hand side you can see the middle of the bridge with shops and on the right hand side the outer stairs.

The mandoatory picture of us on the rialto bridge.

In Venice there are no roads, so the parcel delivery is done with boats and from here on a sack truck by foot. The right picture shows the garbage collection points. Here comes the garbage boat and picks up the rubbish and recycling material.

Some customer got wet feet when having dinner when the high tide started to come in.

And there was the house with the hands rising out of the water. It is a statement of the climate change impact and the rising sea level effecting Venice. The hands meant to support the side of the building.

The end of the fish marked, the left over fish was donated to the seagulls J

Just some building on the canale grande.

Narrow streets in Venice.

Some more canals.

And a dead end, we have to go back J

The old house facade was expose, it looked more impressive then the new one. And Sigrid with the lion on the ‘Piazza San Marco’

After so much walking, we sat down on a nice coffee at a channel. The weather was just perfect.

And we decided to have a gondola tour.

Here we are just passing the sigh bridge, and on the right gondola traffic jam.


At the end of our gondola trip we went up the ‘St Mark’s Campanile’, actually… we use the lift J. The view was stunning, particular at the end of the day. Below are some pictures from the top.

After all that hard work we sat down and had a glas of wine, as a finish of a marvellous day.

On our ferry trip back I saw metal Rino in a park.

Sunset at the harbour, when waiting for the bus.

Tomorrow we will start our way back to Berlin, maybe with a short detour over the Garda See.

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