Visiting Oddvar & Elfrida and riding the Costal Road

Date: 11 – 16/08/2017
From/To: Oddvar & Elfrida house – Bodo
Distance: 837 Km
Total Distance: 11385 Km
Weather: Sunny, Cold, Rain
Road: Paved

The next morning we had breakfast and a walk around their house. It is part of a recently house development and is reachable by only one road. Anyway, here is another attempt to use the phone remote control for my camera.


Odvar mentioned as well that just around the corner from their house there is Keikos grave, so we stopped there to have a look. There was even a street sign, that made it easier to find. Keiko was a Orka from the ‘Free Willy’ movie. After a the movie a foundation was founded to set Keiko free again. That wasn’t complely succesful and Keiko died in 2003. A ‘Norwegian’ tradition is to add a stone to the grave, so we did.

We continued torwards the ‘National Tourist Route Kystriksveien’ or the costal highway which goes from Steinkjer to Bodø, is 650 km long and includes six ferries. At the end of the day, we looked for accomodation after the first ferry, since it had rainded again and the weather should become worse for the night and the next day. There we met Leo; a Bulgarian motorcycle rider. We talked and then decided to have a coffee together before he continue.

Than we settled in our accomodation and dried our wet gear.

When we were sitting on the balcony we saw a fox just running around on the camp ground.

So we didn’t move the next day, and this was good choice. The next day was just perfect for riding.

We had to wait for an hour for our second ferry, so we walked around and found a nice exhibion, how people lived in the past here.

This ferry ride would take more than an hour and it would cross the nothern artic circle.

So I got the GPS out to see when we were crossing it. There was no need, since the captain announced it and there was a sculpture on the shore.

The scenery on the ferry was fantastic.

Back on land we passed a a glacier ending in a lake.

At the end of the day we managed to get all five ferries and found some nice accomodation in ‘Saltstrauam’. Saltstrauam is a small straight with one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. The tidal table showed high tight close to sunset, so we walked there and had a look at it. The sunset was funtastic, but we couldn’t se too much from the whirlpool, it was too dark.

The next day we gave it another go. Below are some pictures from the surrounding area.

On the pole is a small light house, which we climbed up to have a better view.

And here is a picture of whirl pool J.


Tomorrow we will hop onto the ferry to the lofoten.

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