Date: 17 – 20/08/2017
From/To: Bodo – Tromso
Distance: 580 Km
Total Distance: 11965 Km
Weather: Sunny, Cold, Rain
Road: Paved

From our accommodation it was not far to the ferry, so we arrived on a gorgeous day at the ferry. We meet some other motorcycle riders, one from France who travels to Iraq beginning next year. The ferry crossing was easy. Arriving at the Lofoten I understood why people were raving about the Mountain Ranges.

Here are the French motorcycle riders, they were on a tighter schedule then we were J

From the ferry it was a short ride to the southern point of the Lofoten. Unfortunately the clouds started to come in, so the picture isn’t as impressive as it would be in sunshine.

On the other hand, some clouds got caught in the mountains and created some spectacular views.

At night we arrived at a campground and they had a free hot tab. It was the first time that I saw such a construct. It is a big tab (enough for six people) with an oven in the water, and you start the fire in the oven which heats the water.

The next day was earmarked for the wiking museum in Borg in Lofoten. They reconstructed the largest long house found in Scandinavia. The picture below show the visitor center, with Sigrid using the free wifi for updating the blog J. At the end of the hall was a huge wood oven that would look even more impressive when the fire is lit.

Below is a picture of the long house. On the left the reconstruction, on the right the poles from the original one. The house is divided into multiple rooms, and in the days were lots of people and animals in it, particular during the winter.

These are two wood carvings, one is from Thor the other is from Odin

This is a typcial way to dry the fish and to store it. On the right hand, Sigrid is thinking about remodeling the kitchen at home J

On the left, the reason why Sigrid is always right, on the right, me pretending to be tough

Part of the ticked was a free sail boat ride on a viking ship. It was a replica of a viking boat, just a bit smaller then the original. We were quite surprised how fast the boat was even without too much wind. We spend the whole day in the museum, so the next day we leave the lofoten and visit the Islands of Andoya and Senja

On our way to the next ferry, we did ride the ‘Kleivodden’ scenic route. Below ae some pictures from it.

When we were waiting for the ferry, we walked arround and visited an old light house. The view with the clouds was just great.


Here the ferry just arrived and we are ready for boarding. Good thing in Norway, bikes first J

When the ferry left, we could see the clouds coming in but when we arrived on the other side, there was sunshine without any clouds.

Here we did the Senja tourist route. We stopped on a nice overhanging view point.

Some more landscape shots

The bikes waiting for the last ferry of the day J

On the ferry we had to make our way to the pay station, and to encourage the people to be honest, we found the following poster.

On the ferry we saw some nice cloud fomations. The right one looked like a dragon head, well at least for me.

At night we arrived in Tromso, which had an amazing tunnel labyrint. We counted 12 roads and at least 3 round abouts. Needless to say that the GPS wasn’t of any help here. At the end we manage to find the right exit and arrived happy at the camp ground.


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