Date: 01/08/2017
From/To: Preikestolen Campground
Distance: 0 Km
Total Distance: 8992 Km
Weather: Cold, Sunny
Road: Paved

We started really early, just before sunrise.

We arrived at the Preikestolen 30min later, parked the bike and off we went.

The sun just started to rise over the first valley

And after 90 min up and down, Sigrid was puffing and I needed a rest.

Just before the top, we had a great view over the Lysefjord

And here it was, the Preikestolen. We took the typica pictures posing on the rock. This was close enough for me.

This was the view back onto the Lysefjord with sunshine.

I thought I clean up the path and move the rocks laying around.

After the four hour hike, we passed streams of visitors going up. When we arrived at the carpark there were more then 10 tour busses parked. We hopped onto the bike and returned to our campground with private pool in front of the tent.

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