Date: 29-30/07/2017
From/To: Hjartdal – Suleskard
Distance: 232Km
Total Distance: 8939 Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny
Road: Paved

Next morning we started at beautiful sunshine, and then it started raining, hailing

and then sunshine again. We stopped and put our gear into the sun to dry off. Close to Lysebotn we found a campground with nice cabins, so we booked one for the next couple of days. On the right hand side you can see the houses around with green roofs.

The next day we looked at the weather forecast, it was raining for the next couple of days, but there was that tiny window tomorrow from around 6 to..8PM. We were sitting put for the morning and in the afternnon the weatherforecast was still the same. So we arrived at the beginning of the hike around 4PM. The hike consists of three inclines, all of them have some chains to get up or even more, to get down again.

The weather forecast got some points right, the rain stopped for some time, but not completely. And then there were the clouds coming in.

When we climbed up, we were over the clouds.

And then after three hours we reached a ravine where we had to climb through. I wasn’t sure if we were on the right track, but all of the sudden I could see the Keragbolten. The rain has stopped, but the clouds came in and did not leave.

Well, Sigrid looked first how to get to the bolten, then here she was, on the bolten, arms wide spread out.

So now I had a look at the bolten, first from the top. On the right picture you can see me peaking down onto the bolten, and that’s it. I chickened out, no way that I hop onto this bolten. So the picture on the right was as close as I got.

Here are the pictures of the bolten in good weather. On the right picture you can see how to get onto the bolten, taken by other people.


Anyway, on our way back the clouds came in even more and made it impossible to find the way markers…-scaring Sigrid a little.

But at the end we made it and Sigrid was releaved…-me too… On the right picture you can see the car park with our motorcycles; by then the clouds had disapered.

Here we back at the bike. It was 10PM, just before sunset.

A short video can be found here.

We went home and dried our boots with this cool shoe dryer in the hallway. I guess the Norwegians know why they have these dryers in most of the hutts in this area J

The next day the forcast was rain from the morning to the evening, with a couple of minutes break between. Advantage?! We could see a beautiful rainbow straight out of our window.. while we stayed inside, recovering..;-)

Tomorrow we will go down to the Lysebotn, the town at the botten of the lysefjord. A nice windy road, hopefully it stopps raining.

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