The Langjoekull Glacier and the story of the lost mobile continues…

Date: 29/06/2017
From/To: Selfoss
Distance: 0 Km
Total Distance: 4922Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny, Windy
Road: –

The weather was ok, so we decided to give the ‘Langjoekull’ glacier a chance. First stop was at a small village where they hat hot springs. They used the hot water for the green houses, so they could grow tomatoes all year long.

The surprise came when we looked into some empty green houses. You could camp inside; even a table and chairs are provided. I thought this is a marvellous idea.

We continued to the glacier but came across a church that looked intreging. Inside was an exhibition about this area, so we had a brief look. We found some wood carvings that was common in front of entrance doors to protect the house or church.

We arrived at the bottom of a glacier, got our rain gear on and started to walk on the snow/ice.

After while there came one of the touring vehicles back, it was an MAN transporter with a cabin at the back. The tires could be de/inflated during driving. It looked quite impressive.

So Peter and I posed for a picture and after a while we saw a group of snow mobiles coming back from a trip.

We enquired quickly how expensive a hour trip would be, and when we heard the price, we decided that we could only afford to pose on one of them.

On the way back we stopped at the ‘Barnafoss’ water fall. The Barnafoss floes out of a lava field, which creates the great scenery.

When we drove around a fjord, we saw the great cloud formation.

So after a hard day of work, we had to relax in the hot tab, even if it is nearly 11PM

So I took the phone out to make some pictures, when it rang. I saw the calling number and couldn’t believe it! it was Sigrids number!. Quickly I picked up the phone and on the other side there was a young guy who found the phone and press the call button. We talked a bit and it turned out that it was bicycle ridesr who found the phone. Unfortunately they were on the opposite side of Island. But they were so great and we arranged that the phone would be dropped of in Seydisfjordur tourist office where we would pick it up on our last day iceland. What champs! That was really good news! Finally we did not need to worry about a replacement or a loan phone.Now we are hoping that the phone is not damaged too much.

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