Farewell, Tectonic Plates and the Blue Lagoon

Date: 01/07/2017
From/To: Selfoss – Grindavik
Distance:126 Km
Total Distance: 5048 Km
Weather: Cold, Drizzling, Sunny
Road: Paved

Last day with Peter and Gerlind, they fly home today. We had the last breakfast together and were driving towards Reykjavik, maybe we would still manage to visit the blue Lagoon.

First we passed a geyser, so we had to stop and take a look at it.

Previously there were some pipes, not sure what the purpose was. But we could see how aggressive the hot steam is. The picture on the right shows a corroded pipe which leaked steam out all the time.

In Reykiavik we stopped and decided that it would be too late for the blue lagoon. Peter and Gerlind had to return the car before they check in, so we had a last coffee togher and then said good bye.

It is amazing how fast the time has passed. 16 days ago we arrive in Iceland and now Peter and Gerlind have to return. We decided to book for the blue lagoon. As we found out, you can’t just rock up there, the ticket have to be purchased online. There are time slots available, and we got the time slot 20:00..21:00. Since the Blue Lagoon closes at 24:00, we took it. Four hours in a hot bath should be enough. But there was plenty of time until 20:00, so we decided to have a look at another place where the American and Eurasia tectonic plates meet. There was a bridge, each end connected to one side. Sigrid tried to hold he bridge up J

In the middle of the bridge you could stand with one leg on the American and with the other on the Eurasian end.

After taking pictures we continued to our accommodation we booked with Airbnb. The house looked marvellous and it had great kitchen with eating area.

We made sure that we at the Blue Lagoon just before 8PM. The place was still packed.

First we hurried into the warm water, since the outside temperature was semi desirable.

If you belive it or not, in one corner of the large pool was a bar. We couldn’t resist and purchased some bubbly. How did we pay for it? The system is very clever. When you enter you get a blue tag and you lock you locker with it. This is used as well for purchases .

Included in the entrance fee there was a special beauty mask for free. So Sigrid tried it, not that she needed it J. Well, there were no pictures taken when I put the mask on. In my opinion, the beauty mask didn’t work for me J.

Just before 24:00 we had a shower and went out. It was still daylight, a bit dimmer than usual, but bright enough that we needed to close the curtains in our bedroom.

Tomorrow we will make our way to the east.

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